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This is a place to post about the BBC show, Sea of Souls, specifically and paranormal incidents, investigations or occurrances in general.

Sea of Souls followed the paranormal investigations of Dr. Douglas Monaghan, a doctor of parapsychology at Clyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. In series one, he was assisted by colleague Dr. Andrew Gemmill and graduate student Megan Sharma. Second and third series, his assistants were two graduate students, Craig Stevenson and Justine McManus. There was a fourth series, in which I have not seen, but I understand that he worked alone on that case.

Sea of Souls ran on BBC from 2004 until 2006 - the so-called fourth series, a single two hour arc called "The Prayer Tree" aired in Spring of 2007. The show attempted to balance sceptism with belief, to show the problems facing paranormal investigators. It called on folklore and beliefs from many cultures and wove actual theories and techniques into the web of the episodes.

It was brilliant!